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What can I say - I'm a late bloomer! I mean, who decides to turn their passion for photography into a business at my age? The truth is, a few years ago I hired a pet photographer who was traveling to Chicago to take photos of my husband and I and the four pets we had at the time. I had plenty of photographs of my pets, but none with my husband and I included, so I thought it would be the perfect birthday gift for us both. And it was - we had such fun that day! In fact, I enjoyed the process so much, that I was inspired to build a pet photography business of my own so I could combine my love of photography with my love of animals. Sadly, three of those family pets have passed on since that family photoshoot. I am so glad that I decided to invest in that session when I did, not only because it inspired me to do what I love, but because I treasure those photos so much now that my pets are gone.


I live in Wayne, Illinois, with my husband Steve, my Ragdoll cat Sebastian, and my barn kitty Phoebe who came into my life when I least expected it. Our home was originally a barn - I think that's why she likes it here! And, we just got a puppy named Grady, so we are blessed to have a dog in the house again.


Our lives are so hectic these days - the months and years just seem to fly by. If you're in the market for some photos of your four-legged family members I would love to share my skills with you. And, if the rest of the family wants to join in the fun that works for me too! Give me a call or send me an email. I would love to talk about what you have in mind.