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You: Where are you located?

Me: I live in Wayne, IL, a very small town that is about an hour west of Chicago. Near St. Charles, if you know where that is. It's horse country. My home is on a private road in a rural area and yet I am just five minutes from the grocery store. I am blessed to be able to see all kinds of beauty whenever I step out the door.

You: Do you have a studio?

Me: While photographers love studios, dogs don't always feel comfortable there, so I like to shoot in a location or two that will make your dog feel the most at home. It could be in your home, in a favorite park, on the street, or you can even come over to my house if you want! Ideally we end up in a location where there is plenty of shade and indirect light, somewhere your pet will be comfortable, so we can get some great shots of your happy pet!

You: Is my home nice enough for photos?

Me: Of course it is! The most important thing that we need is light, so we will probably need to throw open the curtains and blinds to let some light inside. We may even have to move a chair closer to the window, but that shouldn't be too hard to do. You may want to straighten up a bit, so that your home looks its best and you don't have anything unwanted in the background, though!

You: My pet is kind of crazy and needs to be on leash at all times! Is that okay?

Me: If we decide to take photos in any public location, I would prefer that even the most obedient pet is on leash. Not only is it generally required in a public place, but we want your pet to be safe at all times - especially when that crazy squirrel runs by! We will try to hide the leash from view if we can, but sometimes it will be in the photo and that's perfectly fine. I can usually make it magically disappear!

You: Once I am on your calendar, what happens next?

Me: Well, first we will get together either on the phone or in person so that I can learn more about your pet and what you are expecting from your photo session. I have lots of questions for you and I will give you some things to think about, and we will both start looking forward to your session.

You: Will I have to be in the photos?

Me: I would love to be able to take photos of your pet interacting with you and your family, but you don't have to be in the photos. I may need your help in handling your pet, though, so plan to dress comfortably so that you can get down to your pet's level and have some fun!

You: I would love to be in the photos! What should I wear?

Me: Like I said above, you want to be comfortable enough that you will be free to interact with your pet. If you would like to get the whole family involved, then it would be good if you all wear colors that work well together and complement the décor of your home. You don’t have to match, though, so don’t feel that you have to run out and buy something special. A good rule of thumb is to wear what you really feel good in. You are also welcome to change if you just can’t make up your mind.

You: How long does a session last?

Me: That kind of depends on where we are shooting and how many people and pets are involved. Plan on at least one and up to two hours. We want to be able to try different spots in the location that you choose, so that we have a nice variety of photos at the end of the session. It sounds like a lot of time, but it will be fun and the time will go by really fast!

You: My friend likes to take pictures. Can he come and watch my session?

Me: There will be plenty of distractions as it is, so it's really not a good idea to have friends come along with you. I want to be able to focus on your pet and your family and I want them to be able to focus on me too!

You: When will I be able to see my final proofs?

Me: We will schedule your ordering session after your session is finished. Depending on the season, you should be able to see your photos in about two weeks. I will try to let you have a sneak peek sooner, though!

You: Can I just skip the prints and purchase a CD of images so I can do my own thing?

Me: One of the reasons to hire a photographer is so that you don’t have to do your own thing! So, if that is what you really want, then I am not the photographer for you. The art of a photograph is not just the clicking of the shutter at the right moment, but taking the raw image and creating something more than just a snapshot. I will do my best to make your images look spectacular!

You: I thought I saw somewhere that you do have a CD of photos available, though…

Me: I do offer an image CD as one of my products. Should you choose to purchase it, I will suggest a company that will do a nice job of printing them for you. It is important to note that I do still own the copyright on those photos, but you will have the right to reproduce the images up to a size 8 x 12. You can also put them on your computer, a digital frame, or even on your cell phone. You won’t be able to create a wall mural with them, though!

You: I had a really important question, but I can’t think of it right now…

Me: I hate it when that happens! If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Shoot me an email or pick up the phone and call. I promise there are no stupid questions and I will be happy to answer them for you!